I'm Marco

Toronto-based Full-Stack Developer with a passion for all things technology, design and rock music. I create rich interactive digital experiences by building efficient code and creating immersive web applications.

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Inspired web developer with 3+ years experience creating interactive, user-friendly websites and applications across the internet. I am always exploring new technologies and frameworks that excite me. I love combining the worlds of technology, music and design to help find unique solutions to complex problems.


Latest Projects

  • Have you ever had that guilty feeling when you realize your groceries are gone past the date of expire and aren't fresh enough to make a recipe. Also you asked yourself "What a waste of money! as if groceries are't already so expensive these days...". Enzo is here to help you to save your food and save your money!

    Enzo is a technological solution that aims reducing food waste by helping its users to manage their groceries. The application can scan your grocery receipt and show you recipes based on the expiring date of your items.

    The technologies used to make Enzo:

    • React.js, helped by Router DOM.
    • React Bootstrap
    • Google Firebase Authentication
    • Google Firestore, Could Messaging and Storage
    • Spoonacular API
    • QR code generator
    Enzo in github
  • Redux toolkit is an amazing state management tool for Js apps. In this Project I show many important aspect of redux toolkit including async thunk, state normalization and performance improvements.

    The Blog is a straightforward one, yet it focuses on performing CRUD operations that are often found in the industry. Redux is a technology that is mastered with time, for this reason this blog has been created with the scalability in mind so that new features can be assimilated easily.

    Crucial aspects of redux in the blog:

    • Async Redux Thunk using CreateAsyncThunk
    • Axios for API endpoints call
    • State Normalization with createEntityAdapter
    • React Router DOM 6.6
    • Slicing the app with custom extra reducers
    • Manage time using date-fns as a third party library
    Redux Blog in github
  • happyCoder is a web application that aims to facilitate novice developers to see how their code is rendered in real time by a browser. The application renders live HTML, CSS and JS.

    This project was initiated for research purposes. Since one of the most common obstacles of a new developer is proper visualization of the code he or she writes, happyCoder tries to mitigate this gap by rendering it in real time.

    The technologies being used are the following:

    • React.js, helped by Router DOM and Context API
    • Code Editor by Code Mirror with live rendering
    • Google Firebase Authentication
    • Google Firestore, Could Messaging and Storage
    • Screen recording by react-media-recorder
    • MUI and react-boostrap
    happyCoder in GitHub